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Gina's Review:
There was nothing on the menu that screamed "order me" so we ordered a few appetizers (grilled scarmorza, crab cakes, gansett pizza & steamed mussels). The tastiest thing actually was the Grilled Scamorza, it was a little overpriced for the amount, but I would order it again. I was not really impressed with the rest of the food; however, our server, Sheila, was very good. The best thing about Trio is the outdoor patio, with its relaxing atmosphere.

SusieB's review:
I love, love, loved the atmosphere and decor at Trio. The patio looked cramped from the outside, but it really wasn't; I was comfortable and didn't bump against anyone. And all of the staff that we encountered were very friendly and helpful. The sangria was tasty, but should have had fruit in it (there was none). I agree with G - the scamorza was delish, but maybe a little overpriced. The crab cakes were also really tasty, but could've used some more crab. My house salad was fantastic, with candied pecans and a really yummy balsamic vinaigrette - my favorite thing I ordered. The Gansett Pizza was a huge let down. Too much cheese and not enough flavor. The menu overall was kind of a let down for me, actually. I would definitely go back for drinks, but probably not for dinner. Although the website says the menu is seasonal, so I could be persuaded to try again in the winter.

LD's review:
Summer, the beach, an outdoor patio, food, drinks---Is there anything better than that? Trio's patio is comfortable, airy, open, just a real delight. Our server Sheila was very professional. We let her know that we were just relaxing and not in any hurry, she understood and just checked in with us very once in a while.
We ordered the white & red sangria. I had only the white which was refreshing however there was a serious lack of fruit. Sangria should have fruit in it!! We ordered two different appetizers, the grilled scamorza (a cheese like mozzarella) and the crab cakes. The flavor of the cheese was excellant, smokey and yummy. However, the portion was very small, two slices. The crab cakes were two 3oz patties which I thought could have used more crab. In addition the remoulade sauce was not as spicy as I think it should be. M & I decided to split the BBQ chicken pizza and a greek salad. The pizza has roast chicken, carmelized onions, cheddar cheese, smoked mozzarella and a vegetable slaw on the top (which at first threw me) but then I tasted the pizza with slaw on it. Yummy. The greek salad was very nice, not a huge portion but to split it was perfect. The only thing lacking were the kalamata olives which are supposed to be on it. If they were there I didn't notice. The dressing however was so good. If you were to choose this salad for a lunch or light dinner you would need to add some type of protein.
Overall I enjoyed Trio but some of this could be attributed to the company. Good friends make everything better. I would love to try Trio again maybe later in the fall.

M's review:
Ok, so the highlight of the night was 3 of us killing two carafes of sangria ($15 apiece) followed up by potent irish coffees and gin & tonics.
G let me try some of her mussels, which were mounded so high in the dish I almost couldn't see her sitting behind them. What I am trying to say is that Trio served us a lot of food and booze without batting its proverbial eye.
The outdoor patio was great and judging from the well designed and very contemporary interior, I can see how the colder months would be great here too.

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