Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crazy Burger

Visited: Friday, June 19, 2009
No Guests

LD's Review:
Crazy Burger has a total hippie vibe which I loved. The outdoor patio is the place to be in the summer. We had the sweet risotto-corn fritters (yummy) and the lucky latkes (just ok). My burger was the chicken fajita. The flavor was there but the burger was just a little mushy. CB is a byob kind of place so the drinks are always good!!! Looking forward to going back.

Gina's Review:
The outdoor patio at CB is definitely a must during the summer. It has a great cottage garden feel. The fritters were fabulous. Unfortunately, I ordered the Crazy Mushroom Burger and was not crazy at all about it. It was mushy with no flavor; however, as the resident vegetarian of this group I would definitely go back. I love that it is BYOB place and the atmosphere is relaxing. Plus, service was great.

M's Review:
Love this place. Apparently, so does the Food Network, because Guy Fieri will be featuring Crazy Burger on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives shortly. LD is right; the outside patio rules. We all had our own six packs, which made it an affordable night with the girls. I thought the chicken fajita burger was great, but I put Tabasco on it.

SusieB's Review:
I was just psyched that we got a sweet table on the patio with no wait, on a beautiful Friday night! Crazy Burger is BYOB, and B we did, and that is never a bad thing, in my book. I wanted to order approximately 3/4 of the menu, but I don't think even I would've been able to eat all that. The menu, while undoubtedly catering to the veggie crowd, also has a great selection of equally-interesting and diverse animal protein-based burgers and treats, too. We decided on 2 apps to share and I went with the chicken fajita burger (we're not so good at this restaurant review thing yet, so yes, three of us all ordered the same damn thing). The fritters were fabulous, but the latkes and my burger were all the same consistency: gummy mush. The latkes didn't have enough flavor, in my opinion, but the flavor in the burger was great. I'm big on texture, though, and this was just off. But alas, I somehow managed to finish the whole thing and I can't wait to go back to CB and try more fun selections from their diverse and exciting menu.

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