Monday, August 24, 2009


M's Review:
Night on the town with friends leads to our car being dropped off with the valets next to a big ultra modern-looking building that houses NYLO, a new-ish hotel and restaurant/nightclub. It's hip, it's fresh and it's fun.* One drawback: there's a $5 cover and a handstamp, which can be an issue if you're not expecting either. Plan for at least 2 showers to get the ink off.

D's Review:
Thanks for the picture M, I owe you one!! Now on to the review

Yeah I guess it's hip, fresh, fun (not so sure). The decor seems to be an homage to Rhode Island the Ocean State. Beach theme, tables with shells sitting on a fake driftwood base, coral chandeliers you get the idea. Although I loved the white & blue directors chairs. In an ultra modern NY loft style hotel I would have expected the lounge/bar to have the same feeling. You can get a beach theme almost anywhere in New England. I did however love the outdoor patio. As far as a $5 cover charge, this is a lounge/bar. Great you get to pay for the privilege of entering and then buying an overpriced drink. I get the handstamp simply because the restrooms are located in a hallway outside of the actual lounge/bar area. They have a dj who mixes music. Nothing special. And believe me it is so loud (including in the restroom) that if you have any intention of talking to the people you are there with forget it.

Now all that being said I would give it another try perhaps for drink and app's. I'm always up for that.

SusieB's review:
I love the funky painting on the way in! I thought it was a photograph, actually, but God knows I was in no shape to remember by the time we wound up here. The $5 cover made no sense to me, I didn't get what I was paying for - the unoriginal DJ? Whatev. Drinks were priced according to the style of the place, and were average for a clubby lounge like this. I adore all things ocean-themed, so I really liked the decor (except the chandeliers, which reminded me too much of those antler things you see in hunting lodges), I just didn't think it really fit here. NYLO = New York Loft = exposed brick and similar modern goodness, so that's what I was expecting to see. The patio was fabulous in every way, and more along the lines of the style I was expecting; somehow NYLO has managed to make sipping drinks along the banks of the Pawtuxet River chic, and that's no small feat. Overall, the drinks were great, the staff was friendly and super-helpful. I'd definitely go back.

Gina's Review:
Hmm. Not sure where my review went, but I will add another. The best part of NYLO is the outdoor deck. Very spacious and loved the fact that they didn't block the water the view of the water.

*Evidence of hip-ness; funky painting on the way in!

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